Thursday, July 16, 2009


Apparently the summertime has not fard well for my little blog. You would think that it would provide the perfect opportunity for lots and lots of cool shots. But to be honest...It is so damn hot and sticky that I really have no desire to get outside for long periods of time! And the mosquitoes are worse this year than they have been in many years. We get bit just walking from the house to the car...not an exaggeration!

But here's my resoultion...I am going to start taking my camera every single place I go...even if it's just a mundane trip to the grocery store. We should have pic back up here soon. I am not going to post one of the "catch-up" posts...just going to start posting something (or trying to) every day again! See you soon.

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missyg said...

Check this out! I was so excited to find it...