Friday, January 28, 2011

Look Who’s 15 – Martinez Sneak Peek

Babies are unpredictable, but teenagers can be even more of a challenge!  But this beautiful young lady was a complete delight!  It didn’t take her long at all to warm up to me, and she gave me the most natural and gorgeous smiles.  And to top it off, she was up for my kooky ideas and we had a BLAST!

IMG_0934-2VIVuv IMG_0951-2SK-CT IMG_0979-2c2 IMG_0923-2c

IMG_1010-2CwC-c IMG_1007-2 IMG_1026-2CBWhk IMG_1031-2CT

IMG_1063-2CT IMG_1087-2-cCWC IMG_1100-2CT IMG_1168-2LP

  IMG_1278-2CWC IMG_1292-2GLsv IMG_1313-2BAR100

IMG_1331-2-c CWC-tex



IMG_1421-2VIVbv-c IMG_1424-2ORT-c IMG_1426-2cGLhb


I am telling you…the time I spent with this amazing girl flew by!  There were so many great shots…this is truly just a few…I had such a hard time choosing!  Thanks for a great afternoon!

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Baby “N” Sneak Peek – 9 Days New

Babies are unpredictable…you never know if they will sleep the entire time or if they will fidget, be cranky…and generally uncooperative.   For babies, you always leave the time frame wide open.  Baby “N” tested me…but only for the first hour…after that, he was a little prince.  And poor Mom, she was so worried that first hour.  But, I never leave until I get the shot.  And the last 2 hours, Baby “N” gave me lots of shots!  What a pleasure!!!
IMG_0341-2VIVub Wide awake the entire first hour…and this was the best shot I got in 45 minutes!  So we went outside and did some family photos before Dad had to run out to work.
IMG_0366-2CT-sl IMG_0366-2CWC
IMG_0390-2IBwCon-c  And then back inside…and that’s when the magic started to happen!!!
IMG_0445-2MPIMG_0571-3GLahIMG_0625-2GLavIMG_0632-2PP IMG_0665-2PP IMG_0675-2VIVu IMG_0699-2CWC
Congratulations…He is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I had a great time meeting you and your new miracle!!  Can’t wait to see how he grows!!
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Friday, January 14, 2011

Fix It Friday - #82

It’s been a while since I have participated in anything over at iheartfaces…and I can’t promise I will keep up with it regularly this year…but I will try from time to time to be active.iheartfaces fix-it-fridayThis week’s photo fix is brought to us by Rachel Durik captured during the recent Dream Big Photography Workshop in Dallas.

Here is the before:Original

My first fix:  Just basic things….I like things a little lighter so I adjusted the levels and adjusted color for white balance.  Then, a few little “pop” details using the Perfect Portrait Action from CoffeeShop. PP

Fix 2: Simple crop of Fix #1PPc

Fix 3: Using a CoffeeShop action [Vivid], I took Fix #1 and applied 75% Urban and 25% soft.VIVus

I could go on and on playing with this photo…to see more fixes, visit iheartfaces!  

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Baby “E” Sneak Peek

I just love getting the phone call to photograph babies…[ok…well, I love photographing anything…but babies are such a blessing].  Baby E was delightful and alert…and since she wasn’t quite a newborn anymore, she gave me a bit of challenge…seems she had an opinion on which positions she was willing to do!  But…oh how sweet!  And she gave the camera lots of opportunities to capture her eyes and personality!IMG_0397-2BARht50IMG_0413-2 CBWIMG_0420-2CWC60IMG_0448-2CBWIMG_0451-2ULBW85IMG_0480-3LPbhGLIMG_0555-2CWCIMG_0564-2IMG_0609-2GLbhIMG_0617-2RTliteIMG_0653-2CCIMG_0675 -2CwCcGL Blog signature