Sunday, January 9, 2011

Baby “E” Sneak Peek

I just love getting the phone call to photograph babies…[ok…well, I love photographing anything…but babies are such a blessing].  Baby E was delightful and alert…and since she wasn’t quite a newborn anymore, she gave me a bit of challenge…seems she had an opinion on which positions she was willing to do!  But…oh how sweet!  And she gave the camera lots of opportunities to capture her eyes and personality!IMG_0397-2BARht50IMG_0413-2 CBWIMG_0420-2CWC60IMG_0448-2CBWIMG_0451-2ULBW85IMG_0480-3LPbhGLIMG_0555-2CWCIMG_0564-2IMG_0609-2GLbhIMG_0617-2RTliteIMG_0653-2CCIMG_0675 -2CwCcGL Blog signature

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