Saturday, July 31, 2010

Garcia-Pons Family Portrait Session

This morning I had the opportunity to photograph this adorable family at the Biltmore in Coral Gables!  Beautiful morning, beautiful setting, beautiful parents…and adorable kids!  And to top it off, the little guy turned 1 today…so we followed up the family shoot with some great smash the cake photos!  Keep watching, those are coming next!

IMG_0032-3IMG_0036-3CBWc IMG_0096-3VIMG_0126-2PPcIMG_0157-3FLBIMG_0218-5LevLove early morning shoots…especially in the summer…beat the heat! But they are even better when the shots turn out like this!  Hope you love them too!

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Fix It Friday

iheartfaces fix-it-fridayYep…Friday again…and time to work on editing skills. This week’s photo comes from Michelle Johnson’s beautiful little girl dressed in purple.

It’s a gorgeous shot already, but I did find a few things to “fix.”

Here’s the original:

4843628584_74406b852b_bMy basic fix [using PSE 5.0] was to lighten the photo up just a bit. I also wanted to make the eyes pop. So here’s Fix 1:

Fix 1 - BasicAnd a few more “creative” fixes [not all that creative actually]…

Fix 3 - LP cI cropped in a bit tighter and applied CoffeeShop Action Little Perk! I like the tighter crop!

Fix 2 - MP B&W cFix 4 - HC & CTAnd for this final one, I took the basic fix, applied 2 actions from CoffeeShop [Hot Cocoa and Creamy Toffee]. Gives it a warm, soft appearance.

Make sure to head over to iheartfaces to see more edits of this photo!

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Fix-It Friday

iheartfaces fix-it-fridayIt’s Fix-It Friday over at iheartfaces.  This week’s photo comes to use from none other than Angie, one of the iheartfaces owners: It is of Angie’s daughter and her little friend that was taken while Angie was doing a commercial photo session for Sucre Lulu.  These two little girls love hanging out together and we enjoyed the interaction that you can see between them in this photo.  A little in a rush this week as I prepare for the princess’s birthday party tomorrow, but I wanted to play…so here are my fixes.

Original: Already gorgeous!


First fix: Basic fix, WB adjustment and enhancement of color.  I also cropped it a little.

Basic Fix Crop

Nothing super creative this week…just a few quick changes.  Here are the rest of my fixes to this one photo. 

OrtonVintage GlazeblurBWMake sure you check out some of the other fixes over at iheartfaces…there are some fabulously talented photo editors who do amazing things with already great photos!

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Over My Head

I_Heart_Faces ButtonThis week’s theme over at iheartfaces [and by the way, they have updated their site so make sure to check it out!] is “Over My Head.”  Not a lot of  extra time on my hands to set up the super awesome professional grade shot this week…so I had a silly idea last night as I laid in bed.  And, my almost 3 yr. old subject cooperated…sort of…as well as a 3 yr. old cooperates.

Here are this week’s rules:

Think of anything that can be over a person’s head and incorporate it into your photo of a person!  This could include a hat, balloons, umbrella, scarf…the sky is (literally!) the limit.  We can’t wait to see how creative you are with this theme.

Just remember that you must have at least one human face clearly showing in your entry.

The face clearly showing was the challenging part this week.  Needed her to be looking at the board a little more…but this was about as much as the almost 3 yr. old understands “tilt you face toward me but keep your eyes on the E.”  But, she did let me tease her hair and use hairspray to give her the Einstein-esque hairdo!  That’s something!

Over My HeadGoofy!  Yep…but it’s what I’ve got this week!  Make sure to check out some of the more artistic and less goofy and rushed photos over at iheartfaces.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Look Who’s Going to Be 3!

Where does the time go?

OK…besides wiping away the tears [tears of joy and sadness]…I was really looking forward to taking the Little Princess’s 3 yr. old portraits! It was going to be hard to outdo last year’s favorite:

IMG_0353-2But I was sure going to give it a try…and this year’s backdrop was conveniently planned for a family outing to Villa Viscaya. And to top it off, I had an adorable dress from Sweetie Bees Clothing [you can check out her Etsy store here – I am totally in love with the Coral Rose Twirly Sundress…sure hoping she doesn’t run out of them before I have extra money to snatch one up!]

Anyway, new dress in hands, and off we went for a morning [sweltering hot morning] at Villa Viscaya.

IMG_0066-2CC-SLIMG_0140-GlazeIMG_0175-GlazeAnd the selective color version of the above shot:IMG_0175-SBW2Here are a few more untouched ones…ones I really liked, but they didn’t make the mass processing order so I didn’t bother “fixing” things:



I just absolutely LOVE the back of this dress…IMG_0225

All in all a good day…sweating was kept to a minimum…and I got some great shots of the Princess!

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