Friday, July 23, 2010

Fix-It Friday

iheartfaces fix-it-fridayIt’s Fix-It Friday over at iheartfaces.  This week’s photo comes to use from none other than Angie, one of the iheartfaces owners: It is of Angie’s daughter and her little friend that was taken while Angie was doing a commercial photo session for Sucre Lulu.  These two little girls love hanging out together and we enjoyed the interaction that you can see between them in this photo.  A little in a rush this week as I prepare for the princess’s birthday party tomorrow, but I wanted to play…so here are my fixes.

Original: Already gorgeous!


First fix: Basic fix, WB adjustment and enhancement of color.  I also cropped it a little.

Basic Fix Crop

Nothing super creative this week…just a few quick changes.  Here are the rest of my fixes to this one photo. 

OrtonVintage GlazeblurBWMake sure you check out some of the other fixes over at iheartfaces…there are some fabulously talented photo editors who do amazing things with already great photos!

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Karen said...

I really like the faded on (second one, I think). I'm really on a faded kick right now. :)