Monday, July 19, 2010

Over My Head

I_Heart_Faces ButtonThis week’s theme over at iheartfaces [and by the way, they have updated their site so make sure to check it out!] is “Over My Head.”  Not a lot of  extra time on my hands to set up the super awesome professional grade shot this week…so I had a silly idea last night as I laid in bed.  And, my almost 3 yr. old subject cooperated…sort of…as well as a 3 yr. old cooperates.

Here are this week’s rules:

Think of anything that can be over a person’s head and incorporate it into your photo of a person!  This could include a hat, balloons, umbrella, scarf…the sky is (literally!) the limit.  We can’t wait to see how creative you are with this theme.

Just remember that you must have at least one human face clearly showing in your entry.

The face clearly showing was the challenging part this week.  Needed her to be looking at the board a little more…but this was about as much as the almost 3 yr. old understands “tilt you face toward me but keep your eyes on the E.”  But, she did let me tease her hair and use hairspray to give her the Einstein-esque hairdo!  That’s something!

Over My HeadGoofy!  Yep…but it’s what I’ve got this week!  Make sure to check out some of the more artistic and less goofy and rushed photos over at iheartfaces.

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shirley said...

OK, I get it and it made me chuckle. Very cute!

Megan Grunder said...