Friday, July 30, 2010

Fix It Friday

iheartfaces fix-it-fridayYep…Friday again…and time to work on editing skills. This week’s photo comes from Michelle Johnson’s beautiful little girl dressed in purple.

It’s a gorgeous shot already, but I did find a few things to “fix.”

Here’s the original:

4843628584_74406b852b_bMy basic fix [using PSE 5.0] was to lighten the photo up just a bit. I also wanted to make the eyes pop. So here’s Fix 1:

Fix 1 - BasicAnd a few more “creative” fixes [not all that creative actually]…

Fix 3 - LP cI cropped in a bit tighter and applied CoffeeShop Action Little Perk! I like the tighter crop!

Fix 2 - MP B&W cFix 4 - HC & CTAnd for this final one, I took the basic fix, applied 2 actions from CoffeeShop [Hot Cocoa and Creamy Toffee]. Gives it a warm, soft appearance.

Make sure to head over to iheartfaces to see more edits of this photo!

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