Friday, September 4, 2009

POTD - September 4, 2009

Oh How I Love ETSY!

Just love it! The coolest things...all handmade and great prices. And most of the time [since I am a crafty one myself] it saves me time from making things myself. And I also find inspiration there! But mostly cute little things!

Here is a picture of one of my recent finds. I was so impressed with the detail put into these little clippies that I just had to have them...not to mention they are super cute! Lisa from LiliBug Boutique has so many cute hair things...go check out her shop! And even cuter when modeled by Amelia!

Here's Amelia wearing one of the flower bows to go out to dinner. Can you tell she does not want her picture taken??

I think she's trying to tell me to put the camera away...

But with an easy bribe [Hey you want to hold Mommy's post-it notes?], she modeled it perfectly!

Here's a shot of the other ones I ordered. Aren't they great! I especially love the beading and stitching [all done by hand]! Go check out LiliBug!


Anonymous said...

She's such a cutie! That bow is precious. Alas, only boys for me ;0)I'll remember this for the friends I have with girls though!

Stephanie said...

Oh, yes. Etsy. I love it there too. I could spend hours "window shopping" on that site. So much creativity, so much inspiration...