Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mini-Sessions for Play Group - Take 1

I had the opportunity to photograph many families from my play group a few weeks ago. Loving how they turned out...and since it was technically my first time doing mini-sessions, I learned a lot! But most of all, I had a great time and hope everyone likes their photos.

I will be posting some of the images over the next few days! Here's one to get you started...

What an adorable family...[with one more on the way] the red hair and personality of these two little ones! And, I love the half-tone edit!

Look at that personality...and they really do adore each other [grin!].


Ranae said...

Great pictures of KeriLynn's family. Love Liam's smiles!!

Tina Montesano said...

Love all of the pictures! M favorite, so far, is of Sofia and Owen laughing! Great work! (as expected)