Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Coconut Grove Peacock Walk

Different cities over the years have had various animal sculptures painted/decorated and scattered around the heart of the city.  In the Greater Miami area we have had several over the years…this year it is the Peacocks in the Grove.  Today, I walked around the Grove taking photos of the ones that are already out [two more should be place sometime in September].  Here’s a look at some of the peacocks and the beautiful artwork they were turned into;

“Madeline” at the Carrollton Campus -

IMG_0037-2 IMG_0032-2 IMG_0040-2

Madeline was sponsored by the Port of Miami & Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart and the artist was Silvia Modica.

“Valentina” in front of the EWM Office -

IMG_0052-2 IMG_0049-2a IMG_0059-2

Valentina was sponsored by Valentina and the artist was Ed King.

“Esmerelda” at 3250 Grand Avenue -

IMG_0068-2 IMG_0065-2 IMG_0069-2

Esmerelda was sponsored by Boys and Girls Club of Miami & Caity Martin and the artist was Sauma.

“Munroe” in front of the entrance to The Cloisters on the Bay -

Captain Ralph Middleton Munroe was one of the earliest settlers of Coconut Grove which was accessible only by water at that time.

IMG_0095-2 IMG_0115-2 IMG_0094-2

Munroe was sponsored by Cloisters on the Bay and the artist was Deborah Starbuck.

“The Queen of Coconut Grove” at the corner of Commodore Plaza and Main -

IMG_0117-2a IMG_0124-2 IMG_0122-2

The Queen of the Grove was sponsored by The Pat Sessions Family and the artist was Eileen Seitz.

“Princess Peaclock” at Commodore Plaza -

IMG_0132-2a IMG_0137-2

Princess Peaclock was sponsored by Valerie Davis-Bailey Insurance Agency and the artist was Pablo Cano.

“The Magic City” at Commodore Plaza -

IMG_0147-2 IMG_0148-2

Magic City was sponsored by the Miami Heat and the artist was Lebo.

“Ave Supreme” at the corner of Main and Grand Avenue -

IMG_0155-2 IMG_0165-2 IMG_0161-2

Monty was sponsored by Zoo Miami  and the artist was Romero Britto.

Side note:  At this corner was supposed to be “Monty”…not sure what happened to Monty but Ave Supreme was moved here from it’s original location at Peacock Park to Monty’s spot.

“Penelopeacock” at the Bookstore in the Grove -

IMG_0176-2 IMG_0174-2 IMG_0177-2

Penelopeacock was sponsored by Rodez Gallery & Prince Media and the artist was George Rodez.

“Night and Day, You Are the One” at the Mayfair Shoppes -

IMG_0193-2 IMG_0188-2 IMG_0196-2

Night and Day, You Are the One was sponsored by the Mayfair Center and the artist was Fred Hunt.

“The Golden Ring” at the corner of Mary Street and Grand Avenue -

 IMG_0224-2IMG_0221-3 IMG_0214-2

The Golden Ring was sponsored by Gary Clark and Jeffrey Sibley and the artist was the Miami Mosaic Academy.

“Stephen” at St. Stephens Episcopal Church and School -

IMG_0245-2 IMG_0254-2 IMG_0250-2

Stephen was sponsored by the St. Stephens Episcopal Day School and the artist was Ileana Nardo and Students of St. Stephens.

“Polka Dot Poetry” in front of the Grove NET Office -

IMG_0256-2 IMG_0258-2

Polka Dot Poetry was sponsored by Prince Media and the artist was Cara Nusinov.

Side note: The peacock is covered with 72 original poems by the artist, who by the way is a member of the The National Association for Poetry Therapy!  This lovely bird  was also covered with a rotting flower wreath around her neck and mustard.  I cleaned her up the best I could…and used photo shop to remove the wreath and mustard stains.  Poor peacock!

“Tropica” at the corner of McFarlane and Bayshore -

IMG_0275-2 IMG_0270-2 IMG_0271-2

Tropica was sponsored by H W Korth Shop 4 Bonds and Prince Media and the artist was Meme Ferre.

“Coco Fresca” at the Fresh Market -

IMG_0285-2 IMG_0290-2

Coco Fresca was sponsored by the Fresh Market and the artist was Nancy Martini.

“Promus” outside the Hampton Inn -

IMG_0307-2 IMG_0297-2 IMG_0305-2

Promus was sponsored by the Hampton Inn Miami and the artist was Andrea Ruggeri.

“No Name Peacock” outside Shell Lumber -

IMG_0312-2 IMG_0314-2

The No Name Peacock was sponsored by Shell Lumber and the artist was Dan Bondroff.

“The Majestic Peacock” outside Milam’s Market -

IMG_0321-2 IMG_0326-2 IMG_0333-2

The Majestic Peacock was sponsored by Milam’s Market and the artist was Eileen Seitz.

Gorgeous!  It was an insanely hot day…I was dripping by the time we finished capturing all of these.  Pretty good stats…the only we missed was Monty [I sure hope Monty wasn’t hurt…they must have moved him for a reason].  There is at least one more planned for release that I know of…can’t wait to see it!  If you’d like more info on the Peacocks of the Grove visit Peacock Tour 2010.

What animal sculptures are in your town…what tours have you seen? 

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Brynn said...

I've never heard of anything like this, but how FUN! Not that it means anything, but our new neighbors have a pet peacock! We LOVE it!

McKay Family said...

Amelia is totally berserk about peacocks! Surprised she doesn't want to be one again for Halloween.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Beautiful work. Please contact me, Lindsay.

McKay Family said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for the comment love. Would love to contact you, but I will need some contact info. If you don't want to publish that here, my e-mail is available on my blog.

Look forward to hearing from you again.