Sunday, October 24, 2010

Beautiful Baby E

I was so thrilled to meet this tiny bundle of joy…I got to capture Mom’s belly a few weeks earlier, and getting to see her on the outside was amazing.  She is perfect and gorgeous!  She was quite alert at the beginning of the session and really didn’t appreciate me messing with her.  But she finally drifted off to sleep and let me get some amazing shots.

IMG_0115-2GLbh3IMG_0174-3GL IMG_0200-3GLbhIMG_0188-2IMG_0218-2GTadjIMG_0238-2GLbh IMG_0247-2GLIMG_0298-2BARhtIMG_0336-2GLgbIMG_0413-2CBWconIMG_0577-2GLcIMG_0598-2CBWhthkIMG_0622-2BWselcIMG_0655 -2BARht-aIMG_0667-2 RTIMG_0662-2CTbBlog signature

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Jeff Peterson said...

Love this series Lindsay. Especially Mom, Baby E and big Sis?