Sunday, December 5, 2010

Garcia-Pons Family – Christmas Session

Can you tell I love this family…I get the privilege to photograph them a lot and I love it!!  This mom is so much like me…love photographs and truly understands the importance of capturing life’s little moments!!!  These are the tangible memories we have to look back at when our little ones grow up!!  Priceless!  Plus, as an added bonus, she lets me experiment with all of my crazy ideas!!  Sometimes, they works…sometimes not!  But this time…I got exactly what I was going for…wait until you see the follow-up photos when the kids are a bit older!!

IMG_0249-2CT IMG_0261-2shGLIMG_0278-2LPIMG_0291-2SKIMG_0299-2UGIMG_0332-2LPIMG_0383-2SPBWhtIMG_0390-2LPGBIMG_0419-2bhGLGBIMG_0456-2bvGLIMG_0263-3LPBWsel IMG_0530-2LPsn IMG_0607-2SKIMG_0687-2LPIMG_0693-2LPI absolutely love how these photos turned out!!  It was a great session…we all had fun!  And I love the shots…some of them were posed…and others were natural and stunning!  Raw!

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Valerie said...

I absolutely love the two with the lights!!! Beautiful family!

Katie said...

THESE ARE AWESOME!!! What a beautiful family and great pics!!! :)

McKay Family said...

Thanks! This family is so much fun...and Mama lets me do just about anything!!!