Wednesday, March 4, 2009

52/365 - Day 62

Another day at the of her favorite things to do. Here is one shot from today. Camera info:
Metering - Partial
No Flash
The edited version. Into PSE...made some minor adjustment with the RAW file. Then minor lighting adjustment to photo. Fixed a small scratch. Did an overlay layer and adjusted opacity. Then into Picnik for the special effects and frame. Used infrared with minor adjustments and two frames (matte and museum). Back into PSE for watermark.


shirley said...

So you started shooting in RAW - good for you!
I personally prefer the color version - for some reason, her smile looks more natural there.

McKay Family said...

Yeah...the infrared is definitely different! Does some strange things to pinks and reds. But the contrast it provide is pretty cool!

shirley said...

Now I get it - I wasn't sure what you meant by "used infrared". You should try that on some landscapes - that is where I have seen the coolest IR images. What program are you using? (Is it free?)