Monday, March 30, 2009

52/365 - Days 84 - 88

Here's my catch-up post on the Daily Photo Challenge. I was out of town for my mother's surgery and had no way to upload photos or access the internet. Someday, when I am all grown up I will have a laptop with wireless, but for now, I will just have to play catch-up when I am away.

Day 84 -
This is Gilbert, one of my mother's cats.

Day 85 -
This is the alarm clock in my parent's bedroom. This was the time displayed as we were all up and getting ready to leave for the hospital on Monday morning.

Day 86 -
I took A to Downtown Disney as a diversion one day. I got her face painted for the first time. She sat so still...I was very impressed and she was quite excited that she had a bow and hearts on her face.

Day 87 -
I thought this lone water lily was very stunning. I am used to seeing water lilies in shades of purple and lavender, but the orange was striking.

Day 88 -
My goal was a great shot of the cypress knees and the blue heron in the back with the reflection was a bonus.

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