Monday, June 1, 2009

52/365 - Day 151 (iHeartFaces - Week 21)

This week's photo challenge over at iHeartFaces has two categories:
  • Birthday (Adult or Child)
  • Pet (Anything Goes - doesn't even have to be a "pet")
Here are my entries...

Birthday - This one is from "A's" 1st Birthday. Looking back at these photo was joyous ans somewhat sad. Gosh - they grow up so fast! She was so little! But, almost a year later...she is the same little girl...full of spunk! I love this picture because you can see the spunk in her eyes. It's almost like her eyes are saying..."You just sit back and enjoy the show! You want me to smash cake and look silly...Fine, let's just see about that!"
Pets - These are actually my cats. Bellah and Monkey...the best of friends. Cats are such mysterious and fiercely independent creatures. But these too were so dependent on each other. They seriously loved one another. They cuddled like this every single day! We lost Bellah (Monkey lost Bellah) last February...and it rocked our house in more ways than one. Bellah was truly Monkey's kitty soulmate...and even though we have since adopted a new kitty pal, they just don't have the same relationship. It was one of a kind!


the monkey's mama said...

okay your kid entry is super cute but OH! the pet entry just gets me. Our cats do that and i think it is absolutely the sweetest thing.

Julie Rivera Photography said...

I, too, can see that fire in your daughter's eyes. What a feisty picture! :) And I cannot believe the one of your beloved cats. What a treasured memory this image must be!

Jewel said...

Both of these are incredibly cute :) Great job!

monica said...

Your kids picture is precious! She does look like she has a bunch of sponk!

The pets picture is so sweet.

Betty Jo said...

Both photos are super! I adore the one of your little cutie pie. She does have expressive eyes. Love the kitty photo too. So sorry you lost one of them. ♥