Friday, June 5, 2009

52/365 - Day 155 (Fix-It Friday)

It's Friday and time for Fix-It Friday over at iHeartFaces. This weeks photo is of an adorable little boy with a contagious grin! There were a few issues with this photo and I made one initial fix in PSE 5.0 to deal with those things before getting creative. In the first fix, I adjusted the lighting (the inital photo was too dark). I also tried to fix the skin tone and blown out areas. Finally, I sharpened the eyes and reduced the noise.

Here is the original photo and my first fix for a side by side comparison.

Here are my other fixes:

For this fix, I added a Guassian Blur. I like the dreamy look - especially with kids.

For this fix, I bumped up the contrast.

Just an ordinary black and white conversion.

For the final fix, I played with the B&W conversion while leaving the color in his eyes and lips. The lips ended up being a bit too pick, so I created another layer and desaturated. Finally, I added a bit of pink back into the cheeks.

Make sure you check out some of the other fixes out over at iHeartFaces.


Rebecca said...

I like your bumped up contrast edit...but I am learning that I am drawn to high contrast in photos. Nice job on all the edits.

Jewel said...

like the black and white conversion. nice work :)

Aubrey said...

I really like the 2nd one w/ the high contrast!

Melanie said...

You have some great edits here! Very cute!

Crystal Rae said...

i like your first fix out of all of them..

Crystal Rae said...

these are all great fixes, the last one is my fav.

Alice said...

wow, you got some great variations! i always love b&w. then i like the hazy, gauzey looking one next :)

i have my edit posted, too. feel free to critique and give me some suggestions if you want. i am looking for helpful pointers! thanks :O)

Sid said...

I love all of the edits, but I think my fav is the high contrast!

i played too, please check out my edits and let me know what you think