Sunday, April 4, 2010

S, P, and Z’s Sneak Peek

I love sessions that are a challenge.  Getting “that” shot becomes that much more fun!  For this session, “P” was not in the mood…making sure I got a shot of her became my mission.  Plus she is too cute…and S and Z are adorable too…great looking kids.  And a newborn…what more can you ask for!

IMG_0031-2CIMG_0058-3IMG_1257-2CocoaIMG_1336-2IMG_1375-CocoaThanks to mom for volunteering to get into a shot so that all three kiddos were in one together.  “P” didn’t want to be in a group photo without mom…the joke here was that mom wasn’t prepared for a photo-op so I jokingly told her that I would photoshop some make-up…not bad if I say so myself.  Although I was tempted to be funny and give her a “goth” make-up job!

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