Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Water Wednesday

Last week, I had the opportunity to photograph ISR lessons again [which I will be doing once a week through the Spring Season]…but this time, I donned a mask and snorkel…and a swimsuit [the horror!]. The perspective below the surface of the water is totally different….for many reasons! Anyone that knows anything about ISR knows that the program is amazing! And those of us that are ISR parents know that some kids cry…some scream…some so much that we parents might develop some anxiety. But we also know, those that have experienced the entire cycle, that our children and babies are not scarred and LOVE the water! Look at these faces under water and tell me they don’t look peaceful…there is no fear in these faces!

IMG_0275-2IMG_0250IMG_0097IMG_0044IMG_0180-2IMG_0221IMG_0242IMG_0133IMG_0169-2 Amazing…and these kids [ranging from infants to 4 yr. olds] have water survival skills. They learn to float and wait for rescue as babies, learn the swim float swim series as toddlers, and learn advanced swimming skills as they get older. My 2 yr. old can float, swim-float-swim, follow verbal and non-verbal cues and so much more…she wants to do things she isn’t technically ready for…such enthusiasm…and as an 8-month old infant [when we first started] she screamed…ear piercing…she pulled her hair…actually had a bald spot…threw a fit just about every single day. Only behaved this way at lessons…never while playing with Mommy or friends in the pool at home…she clearly wasn’t scared…she was expressing her independence and the fact that she only wanted to do it her way…she didn't want to work! Too bad little one…you learned and excelled and know how to save yourself in the water!!! Now, at 2, she can’t wait to get in the water at lessons each and every day!

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