Monday, April 26, 2010


I_Heart_Faces ButtonThis week over at iheartfaces, the theme is smiles!  I had so many to choose from that were compositionally and technically better than this one…but the pureness of the smiles…the pureness of the joy…made me choose this one over the “better” ones!  I did a little editing to add to the photo…increased the flare that was already there and added a bit of blur to enhance the motion [while erasing it from their adorable smiling expressions]!  Hope you like it!

IMG_0152-2_edited-1 Make sure you check out the other entries over at iheartfaces…there sure are some precious smiles this week!

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Lyndsey said...

those are incredible smiles! They are having so much fun, and I like the editing you did, it adds so much to your shot!

Melissa Ford of Forever Photographers said...

those are some joyful faces! great shot!

melissa@Novel Photographie said...

This is precious! They are having so much fun:)

shirley said...

Lindsay - what a great shot! Love the action and the smiles. Perfect for this challenge.