Friday, May 21, 2010

Fix-It Friday

iheartfaces fix-it-fridayIt’s that time again….and since I am actually in town, I am participating again!  I love these.  I love fixing pictures.  This week's photo was submitted by Shelle from Mommy Can't Sing.

She wrote: "This is a photo of my 16 months old baby girl. I am currently doing a 365 challenge where I take at least one photo per day. This was one of the photos. Unfortunately, before Daylight Savings a lot of time I was scrambling to take a photo before the light was gone. Well, in this photo it was beyond gone! But my baby was sitting there so sweetly that I couldn't resist taking her photo. The color is bad and the background is messy, but just love her face!"

I totally agree about the color…the white balance is way off.  But, the background didn’t bother me so much.  The shallow depth of field already helped make the background less distracting!

Here is the original:

OriginalYep…she is way too yellow!  Must fix that!

Here is my fix:

Fix 1Pretty drastic difference.  And since she was concerned about the background, I applied a smart blur filter to blur it even more.  Then I used a CoffeeShop Action [Perfect Portrait] to fix minor skin issues and make the eyes a bit more defined.  Finally, I sharpened and reduced the noise.

Here are a couple more creative fixes that worked off of the above fix:

Fix 2 - rotate cropFlipped photo and cropped

Fix 3 - GlazeApplied Bakery Glaze Action [Blueberry and Vanilla} and adjusted opacity.

Fix 4 - BWSplendor B&W Action with a soft blur.

Fix 5 - HC crop Hot Cocoa Action, then lightened the face!

Make sure you check out all the other fixes at iheartfaces…there sure are some snazzy one!

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Shelle said...

Oh I love all of your edits!!! I love the close ups of her face! You can see her little eyebrow arch! So so sweet!! Thank you so much for takingthe time to work on my photo!