Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Perfect Time

Thanks to iheartfaces and many others for circulating this article!  Interestingly enough, I  think about this topic all the time!  It comes up so many times in conversation with friends too!  I hear “maybe next time” and “maybe next year” so often.  And for reason like “I don’t like my hair cut” and “I don’t like my new hair color” and “ I want to lose 20 more pounds” and “I can’t afford it right now.”  In fact, I come up with the same excuses all the time.  If only I could lose more weight…If only I was having a good hair day…If only I wasn’t breaking out right now!  Our last family portrait was taken when our daughter turned 1!  She will be three in two months.  I regret not having a family photo from when she turned to two!  And because I am always the one behind the camera, we don’t even have a snapshot of all of us from last year!

Anyway, check this out…and remember, the right time is NOW!  You never know what tomorrow holds!

And for those of you that will not click on the link above….I will summarize in photos from the article.

Disclaimer: ***These are not my photos…they can be found on DebSchwedhelm Photoblog.

imageimageimageYes…same family.  I bet those boys won’t care one bit what their mom looked like in each photo 20 years from now.  But they sure will be HAPPY to have the photos…because they don’t have her anymore!

Just food for thought!

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