Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Focusing on Angles

I_Heart_Faces ButtonWe all know that a photo shot straight on is far less interesting that one with a more creative angle.  This week over at iheartfaces, this is exactly the focus.  I can honestly say that I hardly ever shoot straight on…when shooting for clients I have to force myself to remember to shoot some shots straight on because the average consumer isn’t always impressed with a “crooked” or artistic portrait of Johnny!  Unfortunate, but true!  So after digging through my images, I decided to shoot a new one.

I laid in the mulch…and if you knew how much I hate mulch [or sand….or dirt] you would know that even for me [who shoots weird angles all the time] this was outside my comfort zone.  And I am still picking tiny bits of mulch out of my hair and pockets.

I used PSE to do some minor edits.  I increased the flare, lightened her face just a little [enough to see her expression] and softened the entire image.

EntryMake sure you head over to iheartfaces and check out more of the entries…there are some very creative angles!

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Lisa said...

Really like the flare and low angle.

Life with Kaishon said...

She is so cute. Way to lay in the mulch for the shot.

Patricia W said...

It was worth getting down into the wood chips. It makes her look like she is so high.. Great Job.

shirley said...

She's such a cutie, Lindsay! LOVE the flare and her expression.