Monday, March 1, 2010

Hilarious Outtakes Week

POTD – March 1, 2010

I_Heart_Faces Button This week’s them over at iheartfaces is Hilarious Outtakes…in other words, they want to see the pics that weren’t exactly planned, the mistakes, the ones that made you pee your pants when you actually saw them enlarged on the computer screen hours after shooting.  I have thousands…sometimes it seems that might be all I get [especially from the 2.5 yr. old living in my house!  toddlers….].  So here are a few that still make me laugh even after looking at them over and over!

This first one was taken Christmas morning…I am not sure Grandmomela knew it was going to be a full contact sport requiring face gear and mouth gear to hold her grand-daughter.

Playing with Grandmomela 12-25-08

Next, this one was taken recently and was very spontaneous.  I was doing the pregnancy shoot for this beautiful woman.  I had her positioned on the ground and was shooting from one angle.  When I moved to try another angle, she must have thought I was finished…so she got up.  I said, “No…no no…sit.”  So she did just like a good obedient dog!  Good thing we both have a good sense of humor.


Then there were these two adorable kids….siblings…separated by a few years.  Both adorable, and yes I did get some good ones.  But this little monkey wanted to goof off most of the time, and the big sister had just about had enough.  She kept such a straight face for so long…and then she just lost it.  She couldn’t contain herself anymore [btw – the shots leading up to this are pretty funny too!]


Oh what the heck…it’s too good not to share at least one of the preceding photos from these two!   He was just so “on” and trying everything to in his 3 yr. old bag of tricks to get to his big sister…and not cooperate for the camera.  I mean come on…who doesn’t want someone on the payroll to be the personal nose picker!


And finally, no face, “butt” I couldn’t help “butt” snap this picture.  It is an all too common sight for me.  This is the view I get of my daughter on a regular basis these days.  She is always bending over to pick things up…only problem is the there isn’t a pair of pants that fit her quite right…


Hope I gave you a few laughs!  There are lots more opportunities to laugh and pee your pants over at iheartfaces.  Make sure to check them out.

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Linds said...

oh my goodness! the first and last ones are my favorite!

SBSAKE Photography said...

very cute!! blackmail photos for when they are older. :)

Ginger said...

Loving the butt crack one.

Drew said...

Great shots! I love Grandma's face...she totally didn't see that one coming. And the pregnant lady has a great sense of humor. That always makes a photo shoot so much more fun. :)

shirley said...

Lindsay, thanks for the laugh! I love the first one with Grandma.

Shannon Morgan Photography - Port Orchard, WA Photography said...

oh that first one is hilarious!!! LOVE IT!! :)! That one should so win!!

Feris said...

I loved your pictures! They really made me laugh :) they are amazing!

craftymamaof4 said...

great shots, I love the butt crack one

Lindsay Barker said...

that first one is pretty dang funny!!!