Friday, June 18, 2010

Fix-It Friday

iheartfaces fix-it-fridayThis week’s photo comes from Julie Rivera [one of my favorite photogs – I happen to love her work]!  The original photo is a pretty darn near perfect snapshot-like photo.  There really wasn’t much to fix.  All of my fixes were done using PSE 5.0.


4711074338_fb302a213d_bSee what I mean…super cute and just about spot on!  I did some minor adjustments.  I lightened the photo, bit and adjusted the white balance, and cropped for a more portrait feel.  Then I tweaked the eyes using a CoffeeShop Action.  And in literally under a minute I had this:

Fix 1Then I added a texture…very subtle:

Fix 1-TexAnd finally, going back to the first fix, I used the CoffeeShop Sweet Bakery Action and added a glaze [blueberry 35% and Vanilla 20% – I just happen to like that combo and use it a lot!].

Fix 1-GLSo there you have it…3 edits to an already amazing shot in less than the time it took me to write this blog post.  Make sure you check some of the other '”fixes” over at iheartfaces!   

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Angie Ray said...

The last edit is my favorite, love the sharpness and the glow of her skin.