Friday, January 22, 2010

Fix-It Friday – January 22, 2010

iheartfaces fix-it-friday Meet the Zwart Family!  When I first read about them over on Angie’s site, it broke my heart.  I can not even imagine what this family is facing in the very near future and my heart is breaking for these children.  I would never [and I imagine most of us feel the same way] want to walk down the path they are walking down right now.  I think about my own daughter and family, and can’t even fathom the possibility of losing her or [even worse] her losing one of us!

If you have a moment, check out their websites and leave a comment if you feel so inclined.  I am sure they can use as many kind words as possible right now.  Wouldn’t it be cool if they were inundated with thoughts and prayers from [distant and unknown] internet family!

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Anyway, the Fix-It Friday photo for this week is of the Zwart Family!

Here is the original image downloaded from Flickr:

OriginalIt’s not bad, but I knew I wanted to make it pop.  I wanted richer color and less “haze” [I know that’s not the technical word, but the best I can come up with right now].

Here is Fix 1: Basic fix…even used the Auto Fix feature in PSE 5.0.  Then I added a Soft Light layer with opacity at 50%.

FixBetter…but still not what I was going for…

Fix 2 – For this one, I applied the Moody Pop Action from Coffee Shop and lowered the opacity quite a bit. 

Fix 2 Moody Pop

Fix 3 – I used Coffee Shop Strawberry Glaze for this one.  I like the effect, but it still didn’t have the “WOW” factor for me.

Fix 3 Strawberry Glaze

Fix 4 – Creamy Chocolate Action from Coffee Shop.  I bumped the brown tones up and increased opacity to 85%.  I think this is one of my favorite Actions.

Fix 4 Chocolate

Fix 5 – Back to my own edits…no Actions to help out.  I still wanted more pop.  So I created a layer and applied the Equalize filter.  This is what I was going for…

Fix 5 Equalize & Crop

Fix 6 – And finally, a crop! And I added a vignette with Picnik.

Fix 6 Equalize & Crop 2Make sure to check out the other fixes over at iheartfaces!  And please add this family to your prayer list!

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Adrienne in Ohio said...

It was fun for me to read your post after each edit. I am still learning to use editing software, and I so often think "Oh. That isn't what I was hoping that would do." LOL I like your final outcome. Creative cropping can add so much interest to a photo.

Caroline said...

I did this one too :D I love you edit!