Sunday, January 10, 2010

POTD – January 10, 2010

Fix-It Friday – A Birthday Celebration


Here I go again…getting in on the Fix-It Friday action over at iheartfaces. And since they are celebrating their birthday, it is most appropriate that this week’s photo is a birthday picture. For those who are interested, I used PSE 5.0. I also used Picnik for one of my edits.

Here is the original:


Cute photo…don’t ya’ think! My first edit just cleaned up a few things. I also did a color correction to remove the yellow cast. So here is my basic fix:


Here are the next fixes…some are subtle. I like the cropped versions. Really pulls the focus right to the birthday boy! After all, that's what the photo is about!

fix 2

fix 3

fix 5 gb

And just for fun…here’s the Picnik edit. I worked with a previous edit from PSE and then dropped it into Picnik for the vignette and text.

fix picnik

So…what do you think? I really liked the photo as is…but the yellow tones needed to be fixed. Gotta love that White Balance thing!! Other than that, there were a couple little glowing places [red & green] from the candle near the boys head [and on his hair] in the original one. It bothered me, so I removed it.

Make sure you head over to iheartfaces to check out all of the other fixes. It is always interesting to see what people come up with!