Friday, January 15, 2010

POTD –January 15, 2010

Normally, today would be “Fix It Friday” over at iheartfaces…but not today. We’ll have to wait until next week.

So today, I am going to show you some old images…but with a new fix. I discovered Coffee Shop Actions about a year ago.






how to use them.

After hours of frustration, I gave up. Until now…I spent some time while I was sick the past two days trying to figure it out again. To tell you the truth…I figured it out by installing an “Action” from MCP. The directions there were very clear and enabled me to get the Coffee Shop Actions installed. Now I am up and running with these awesome tools!

So here’s a look at just a little of what they can do!

SOOC: Totally untouched!!


My own edit using PSE 5.0 – doing the things I know how to do to make the image a little better.

Face 2

And here is the same image with a Gaussian Blur layer added:

Face 2gb Now…here is the same image using Actions from Coffee Shop. For this image, I used Perfect Portrait, Baby Powder Room, and Vignette. All of it took less time than the above edit.

IMG_0184 CSA

Here is a closer crop so you can see the face a little better:

IMG_0184 CSA_edited-1

And finally, here is one more take on the same picture. For this one, I used the Creamy Chocolate B&W Action. Very yummy! And so easy!

IMG_0184 CSA Creamy Choc

And BTW, all the Actions over at the Coffee Shop are


Yep, absolutely free!

And, make sure to check out MCP Actions as well…there are a few free ones! Even the ones that aren’t free have some very reasonable prices! And they make the workflow go so much faster!

And finally…here’s a side by side…might make it easier to see the differences right away!

Picnik collage

Left to Right: SOOC, My Own Edit [no Actions], Coffee Shop Actions Perfect Portraits & Baby Powder Room, Coffee Shop Actions Creamy Chocolate B&W


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