Sunday, January 31, 2010

POTD – January 31, 2010

I-Heart-Faces-Tamron iheartfaces is hosting a photo challenge called “Girlfriends”…they want to see pictures of girls hanging out together is honor of this week’s upcoming Blissdom in Nashville!  Boy, I wish I could go…maybe someday!  The photo that I am entering at the flickr group isn’t one of my best.  I contemplated trying to take new photos for this challenge because the prize is so amazing [a new Tamron lens]…but, I kept coming back to this photo because of it’s story!  Essentially, it is a backyard snapshot taken at night…I didn’t even have my good flash…just used the on camera flash because I didn’t want to miss the moment by going inside to find the flash.  I hate the on camera flash…I hardly ever use it…I usually cringe when I see the photo.  But this one…I was just so happy to have it.

That’s my little girl and the daughter of one of my childhood friends…one of my childhood best friends.  We lost touch after high school.  We both graduated, went to college, started our lives.  We didn’t stay in touch.  Now, almost 20 years later, we reconnected because of Facebook!  It’s amazing what the cyber-ness of our world can do!  Sometimes, we think all this technology is too much.  We think…Gosh, we seemed to survive our own childhoods without all this techy stuff.  But then we look at it from another side…we have been given amazing opportunities through all of this technology stuff! 

One amazing opportunity was handed to me through Facebook and reconnecting with this amazing friend.  I had looked for her but never had any luck…names change…logarithms don’t match…whatever the reason, it did not  look like I would find her.  Then, she found me!  We picked up right where we left off.  We talked on the phone many times.  Turns out she retuned to our hometown…same town where my parents still live…same town I visit often.  Turns out, our lives were more parallel then we even imagined.  Our daughters…our first born girls…were born less than 2 months apart.  Turns out, we shared one of the most special moments of our adult lives at the same time and didn’t know it.  Turns out…our daughter get along famously!  They are 2…2 yr. olds typically so the whole parallel play thing…not these two!  They actually play together…they laugh, hold hands, run, jumps…and hug!  I love seeing them together…and as my dear friend Carolina says…”it’s history in the making!”

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Serline said...

I am a SAHM and I love photography just my own keepsafe and for sharing with friends and family.

I wonder if there is any resemblance with you and your childhood friends when you were their age?

McKay Family said...

Unfortunately, I can't even dig through the archives of photos for one of her and me at this age. We met when we were in Junior High...a bit older. But, both of our girls definitely resemble their it's likely we would have had a very similar photo.