Friday, February 12, 2010

Fix-It Friday

POTD – February 12, 2010

My autopost didn’t work so I am having to go back in and redo the post so that it is order! It’s [well…it was] Fix-It Friday over at iheartfaces. This week’s photo was pretty darn cute…there were things I would have liked to have fixed but didn’t know how to [there is some over-exposure on the face]. But otherwise, it is super cute and there weren’t many other issues. So I was going for a little richer in the look. For those interested, I used PSE 5.0.

Here is the original:Original Here are my fixes:

Fix 1For this fix, there are just some minor adjustments. A little eye pop…a vignette…and getting rid of that “hazy” look.

Fix 2 CropFix 2 is a simple crop. I played with angles…but it just didn’t appeal to me for this picture.

Blueberry And finally, I used a Coffee Shop Action [Blueberry Glaze] for the final fix.

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