Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunshine Blog Award

My blogging friend [and SS sister] Shirley has bestowed upon me the Sunshine Blog Award. I read Shirley’s blog just about every day…I go there for her stories, her photos…inspiration! And, I have to admit, I just adore Hannah [her cat]. I’m honored…so a big Thank You to Shirley!

Sunshine Award I don’t get a lot of these blog awards…so this definitely puts a smile on my face! It’s nice to be noticed from time to time!

So now, I have to choose 6 others to pass this on to…and I’m going to tell you why I chose each [if I could pass it back to the one who sent it to me I would, because like I said before, I read Shirley’s blog daily!].


Just love her! Met her online a few years ago and have had the privilege to know her IRL as well. Beth makes me smile! Her positive attitude is contagious…and her sarcasm is right up my alley. And finally, her blog makes me pee my pants it’s so funny!


I love Sherry’s blog! We also met online…I have never met her IRL, but our children were born the same summer and we got to know each other through a mommy forum on SS. Her blog has a little bit of everything…inspirational stories that remind us of what’s truly important in life…her many crafty projects [boy is she talented…just real life!


AKA NikonSniper! Yep, I’m a Canon girl…but his landscape photography is amazing. And the places he has seen and shot are incredible! I have been following his blog for quite some time! When I grow up [retire] I want to travel and take photos just like NikonSniper…maybe I’ll call myself PerfectCanonAim….hmmm need to work on that one!


Never met Kendra in real life, but have admired her creativity for years on SS. I happened upon an amazing blog one day and started following it. I finally realized that this blog belonged to her! Small blogging world.


One of the iheartfaces blog owners [the other half of Angie and Amy] and uber talented photographer. Of course, I love her blog because her photography gives me lots of inspiration. But, it’s the stories that have me hooked. And if you haven’t checked out iheartfaces, you should definitely stop by there sometime too!


Don’t know Dana at all. Don’t know if she even realizes that I love her blog. I love her photography…I love her messages…so much inspiration on her blog. And I seriously loved her open letter to Gymboree! And loved that they responded [the power of blogs and social networking…and the OMG they are actually looking!]. But what a story that rebuilds faith in people…some people really do care, and you see this all the time on her blog!

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Stephen Baird said...

thanks so much for your kind words. you know i am not really picky as to what kind of camera people have access to. i think canons are great. to me cameras really are so excelent today ... it becomes ones eye that matters most. and i know so many people who use very simple cameras and do an excelent job at composition.
either way lindsay ... it's great to have you follow nikonsniper and we appreciate all your comments and observations.
all the best. God bless.
nikonsiper steve

MidniteScrapper said...

Wow! Thank you so much. My schedule has gotten me to the point that I am not on as often as I like to be, but I do love coming here and keeping up with you! You've done so much with your photography - looks so great. This has really inspired me to stay on top of my blog - it's my favorite thing to do anymore and I need to stay on top of it! Big hugs to you!!

shirley said...

Oh, Lindsay, you are too sweet back!! You've picked a great list of people to pass the award forward. I love how your photography and skills have grown over the past year - so cool to watch. The best thing - you are working your photography dream. Keep it up!
(PS, I agree about NikonSniper - he's the bomb!)

Angie - The Arthur Clan said...

Thank you so much Lindsay for kind words. That really meant a lot to me today! :)