Friday, February 26, 2010

Fix-It Friday

POTD – February 26, 2010

iheartfaces fix-it-friday

It’s that time again…and today I am super excited about Fix-It Friday because I am so crazy busy today that I don’t really have time to think about what I am posting today. The decision is made for me…and the photo is super cute too!

This week's photo comes from Caroline at Frogmum. She writes: "My daughter is standing in our front garden - I was laying down. It was a beautiful day, but her face was in full shade & looks a bit blurry. She looks too dull against the blue sky. I'd like to be able to pull the whole thing up and make her pop out without losing the beauty of that blue sky."

Here is the original:


And here are my fixes:

For the first fix, I added some saturation to the sky, lightened the shadows on her faces, and fixed a few minor other things. Then, I used Coffee Shop Perfect Portrait action.

Fix 1

Second…just a basic crop. I also added a vignette.

Crop V

And finally, the last two fixes used Coffee Shop Moody Pop action…one color and one in B&W.

Moody Pop

Moody Pop B&W

And just for fun...what if I want a more interesting sky:

All edits were completed in PSE 5.0 and took less than 10 minutes combined! Happy editing! Make sure you stop by iheartfaces and check out all the other interpretations!

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50centlove said...

I like #2 and #3. Great job!

Kelly @ illustrations said...

I think #2 is my favorite. Look great and I'm impressed how quickly you can do them! Great job!

Beth said...

The last one with the emphasis on the clouds is my favorite. Awesome!

cheryl said...

If you don't mind my asking, how did you do the more interesting sky? It looks very real.