Saturday, February 27, 2010

Vander Molen – Behary “In the Womb” Preview

POTD – February 27, 2010

This preview will be in two parts…much like the photo session itself!  Three weeks ago, I had the opportunity to capture one of the most special moments in two peoples’ lives…pregnant with their first child.  I had never met this couple until the day of the shoot…we only conversed through e-mail and one phone call.  Up until this day, the mom-to-be was merely one of my father’s co-workers…she [they] are so much more today!  I can’t wait to meet this little angel and hope I get a chance to photograph her tiny little precious new [only the wrinkles a brand new baby has!] angel!

IMG_0253-CToffee IMG_4662-Cr Toffee

IMG_4678-3Crop IMG_4776-Hot Cocoa IMG_4805-Blubry&Cream IMG_4802-SplendorI can’t wait to find out what they think about these…but I have to tell you that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the last two!!!

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