Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Let’s Dance!

POTD – February 16, 2010

I_Heart_Faces Button It’s Dance Week over at iheartfaces.  I really considered not entering this week.  Dance is truly hard to capture…or maybe it’s just me.  For me, Dance is motion…Dance is better captured in video…a still just doesn’t show that motion. But this image kept popping into my head.  Not the best photograph I’ve ever taken, but I like the editing…I wanted to highlight the dancer while still having the audience as a present part of the photograph.  This photo was taken at a New Year’s Eve party and the littlest celebrant provided the entertainment.

Dance Make sure you head over to iheartfaces to check out the other entries! 

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Elyssa said...

Aw! She is adorable! Cute shot!

Caroline said...

You can def' see the action in this shot and I agree with you ~ it's hard to get the motion and Emotion of dance in a still :D