Friday, April 17, 2009

Fix It Friday

It's Friday and time for another FiX It Friday Challenge over at iHeartFaces. This week's photo was submitted by Melinda from Bloggin' It from the Burbs.

Here is the original image:
Pretty cute to start with...don't ya' think?

Here are my fixes:

First Fix: Just some general cleaning up. I fixed a few things about the lighting and color saturation. Then I used the cloning tool to fix a few spots on the face that seemed dark. Finally, I sharpened the whole image.

Second fix: A small crop so this adorable little man was more of the photo.

Third fix: a B&W conversion. I bumped up the contrast and played with the levels until I liked it.

Fourth fix: Used an adjustment layer for sepia.

Fifth fix: Well, this is the one I played with. I stretched the image in both directions and recropped. I needed more rock inorder to get a 5X5 crop that I liked. Then, I played with the color curves. I wanted the rocks to pop. But then the red pants were too distracting. Perfect time to prove to myself that I do know how to change the color of something (I have been having a lot of problems this week changing the color of a black shirt in a different photo - now I am determined it is the black and not me!). So, now he is wearing blue pants.

What do you think? And make sure to head over to iHeartFaces and check out all of the other creative fixes.


EL at Through My Own Lens said...

Nice job and your last "fun" fix is GREAT!!!

Melinda said...

You did such a wonderful job on all of your edits. I love the sepia one and the crop of the last one is amazing!!

drewmark19 said...

Beautiful fixes! If I didn't know he originally had red pants, I'd never guess that you changed the color. So neat! :)