Saturday, April 18, 2009

Random Picture Challenge

It's Saturday and time for the Random Picture Challenge being hosted over at 4 Little Men. Here are the rules this week:
APRIL 2008
13th folder
42nd picture or 4th if you don't have that many

This photo was taken about a year ago. It was Spring Break 2008 and our friends were in town (visiting with the boys) from Tallahassee. On this particular day, we had lunch at the mall and then went to the park to play and feed the ducks. We happened to find this tortoise and the kids were mesmerized by it. Even little "A" was interested.


Stephen Baird said...

wonder and amazement. uncertainty. satisfied to just watch ... and just maybe touch and quickly pull hand away ... them a quick glance at mom to see ... "did you see me do it?" ... "i really did it".
excelent! i see this more clearly at 50 than i did at 25.

McKay Family said...

and touch it she did...this kid is fearless and I love it!