Saturday, April 25, 2009

Random Picture Challenge

It's that time again...Saturday...and the Random Picture Challenge from 4 Little Men and Girly Twins.

Here are this week's rules:
8th folder - July
25th picture
{if you don't have this far back pick the next closest year}

Holy Moly! 2002! Well, mine don't go back that far. I didn't even go digital until 2006. So the oldest photos I have that are digital that I even have on my computer still are from my wedding...OK, actually just one to be exact. And here it is:

My wedding was slightly delayed for took the wedding coordinator and his staff about 45 minutes to acquire dry seats and relocate them and set everything up again. Meanwhile, our family members ran around trying to salvage as many programs as possible. So this shot was taken in the room where all the girls were hanging out before the big show. Hair and make-up was done...we were just waiting...and maybe drinking some champagne. This my sister and I kissing our father.


Taylor said...

Sweet picture. Beautiful bride!

Clair said...

what a lovely picture! You made a bautiful bride

Jenny said...

Cute picture.

Karen said...

Very sweet! What a beautiful bride you are!